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Bladen County Released Time is a non-profit ministry who inspires to bring hope to students of Bladen County by providing engaging environments for students to be impacted by the power of God's word. Bladen County Released Time is an affiliate of School Ministries Inc. and works with programs across the nation to provide legal off-campus Bible study for students in Bladen County.


Our ministry has grown from 2 schools in 2011 to 10 schools and over 1,000 students. Lives are being changed for eternity by the power of God's word. We couldn't be more thrilled to see God work in such powerful ways!


"Words cannot express the joy on the faces of new students who have never seen the inside of a church.  As a Released Time volunteer for almost 10 years, I have had the privilege of explaining the purpose of the altar and baptistry, but there’s no greater joy than in seeing them learn about Jesus. I vividly recall one student who could hardly wait until the lesson ended so she could accept Jesus as her personal savior! I thank God for this opportunity."

Diane Merritt, Released Time Volunteer

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